WaterCube’s “River in a Box” Toolkit provides you a turn key solution to your technology needs. It can be customized to your application and shipped to your door. Whether a simple ADCP rental or a full services set of gear, we can assist you in your data collection needs.

We invite you to scroll down to review our price list or Click Here to Download our Price List in a Spreadsheet Format.

Rental Equipment Model Day Week
Teledyne RDI ADCP RiverPro  $350.00  $1,400.00
  RiverRay  $350.00  $1,400.00
SonTek ADCP M9  $350.00  $1,400.00
Application Software (enabled in M9 firmware)      
  Moving-Boat  $25.00  $100.00
  Stationary-Boat  $25.00  $100.00
  HydroSurveyor  $25.00  $100.00
SonTek Hydroboard    $25.00  $100.00
Inflateable Kayak (center hull mount)    $75.00  $300.00
Additional Equipment      
SonTek 2G-PCMs RTK  $200.00  $800.00
SonTek 2G-PCMs DGPS  $100.00  $400.00
SonTek 2G-PCMs V102 GPS Compass  $100.00  $400.00
CastAway CTD    $100.00  $400.00
FlowTracker Handheld ADV    $100.00  $400.00